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Senior M&A Professionals

While integrating new acquisitions, company management must juggle strategy, organization, staffing, systems, and culture, on top of keeping the day-to-day business performing.  Our Team of integration professionals is available to assist on a part-time/full-time basis to assist, especially during the critical first 100 days.

Our professionals bring the multi-faceted perspective that comes from extensive direct client-side leadership, acquisition program experience, and experience as third-party consultants. However, unlike the large consulting firms, we do not push the staffing pyramid model where clients pay for inexperienced staff and get cameo appearances by senior talent. Instead, we provide senior professionals directly for our clients’ projects.

post merger integration plan meeting

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Why PMI Advisors?

Today's companies are lean. We work with our clients to handle their hot M&A integration projects without letting their core businesses cool off. Our accelerated integration approach helps to quickly realize deal synergies, allowing a swift return to "business as usual".

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PMI Advisors Overview

A brief slide presentation about PMI Advisors and the services provided.

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Project:100 Days Methodology

The management of the first 100 days of an M&A integration project is critical, in that the success or failure of the deal is heavily dependent upon actions taken during this brief time period. Our goal is to assist our clients with the professional expertise and management tools that are essential to successfully recognizing the value of their deals.

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Workstream Leadership - Staff Augmentation

In addition to our strong project management skills, our Workstream
Leadership Services may be needed at the organizational level to actually perform many of the integration-related tasks, rather than just coordinating them and reporting on their status to company executives.

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M&A Integration Playbooks

An M&A Integration Playbook is a project management tool that enables serial acquirers to systematically plan and deliver deals post-closing. Consider it to be a “toolbox” that contains relevant sections that can be selected to address the issues of a particular acquisition.

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Carve-Outs & Divestitures

Companies sometimes choose to realign their business models and carve out divisions, subsidiaries or specific business operations. We can provide support throughout the divestiture process in working with our clients to develop carve-out plans to execute a timely separation of the divested business.

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