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Transaction Advisory / Consulting Services

Historically, accounting firms’ involvements in M&A transactions cease upon deal-closing, with the exception of making a few post-closing adjustments.  However, in offering expanded Due Diligence, Integration and Optimization Services in partnership with us, accounting firms are able to extend involvement with their clients during the M&A process and beyond.

PMI Advisors has entered into Subcontract/Referral Agreements with several national accounting / consulting firms to provide our team of senior-level M&A professionals as interim staffing resources to assist them in serving their existing and potential clients.  

Extend TAS / Consulting Services

Many accounting firms have established M&A Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) and Management Consulting practice areas inside their organizations. In today’s complex business environment, these practice teams bring together first-hand M&A, corporate finance, and management consulting experience, along with industry knowledge, to help manage risks and enhance shareholder value associated with corporate acquisition transactions.

Our goal is to work with accounting firms to expand the services that are provided for their clients. Benefits of our services include:

  • Billable Hours of Internal Resources Increased - With our senior-level team members as project leaders, firms are able to pursue engagements that will utilize their existing internal resources for numerous detailed workstream activities.  
  • No Additional Senior-Level Practice Staff Required - We are able to quickly provide "seasoned" expertise on-demand, eliminating the need to add additional internal senior-level staff for interim client projects.
  • Clients "Drifting" to Competitors Reduced - By extending firms' services with our resources, they maintain client relationships for ongoing audit/tax work and don't lose clients due to a lack of available services.
  • Conflict of Interests Eliminated - We are able to contract directly with the firm's clients when conflicts arise, allowing the firm to maintain "connectivity" with those established client relationships. 

Senior-Level "Seasoned" Professionals

Our Team of professionals has extensive experience in providing M&A Due Diligence, Integration and Optimization services. We help Private Equity and Corporate Development clients assess and evaluate risks, cost reduction and revenue growth opportunities to determine a target company’s potential.  In addition to performing due diligence, we assist with the integration process and operations optimization, with our team bringing industry and functional expertise that includes:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Financial
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Legal Review
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Procurement

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

PMI Advisors works with accounting firms by providing interim senior-level staffing resources to extend services offered to the firms’ clients.  Our team is pleased to assist, on a no-charge basis, with pre-sales activities for internal preparations and discussions, followed by client proposals and presentations.

There is a variety of contractual methods for delivering consulting services, ranging from a fixed-fee basis for identified scopes of work to daily or hourly consulting rates.  We recognize that the accounting firms are in the best position to gauge the end-client’s interests and the acceptable market billing rates.

Therefore, the firm will be responsible for establishing the end-client billing rates/structure, based upon our agreed-upon internal rates. Regardless of whether the services are delivered on a subcontractor on a referral basis, the end-client billing rates remain the same.

Typical Engagement Scenarios

Below are typical scenarios where our senior-level team members may serve as leaders for these due diligence, M&A integration, and corporate optimization projects:

  • Merger Integration Leader – PE firm, that is acquiring 2 companies in the professional services industry, is combining them into a newly branded entity.
  • Carve-Out Leader – PE firm is acquiring and carving-out a manufactured product division of a Fortune 500 company over a period of 1 year.
  • Interim CFO – Portfolio company quickly needs an interim CFO for several months while recruiting and onboarding a permanent CFO.
  • Marketing/Sales/Support Segmentation Leader – Growing manufacturing company recognizes that their “one size fits all” approach is not working and needs to segment their customer base for better client results and increased profitability.
  • IT and HR Due Diligence Leaders – Company that has been aggressively acquiring private schools for the past 2 years needs analysis of inherited disparate IT and HR systems and development of a cohesive go-forward plan.
  • Interim CIO/Cybersecurity Leader – National residential property management company needs interim CIO with cybersecurity focus for rapidly expanding property portfolio.
  • ERP Implementation Leader – Established company in the fabric printing industry, positioning itself for sale in 2 years, needs to source and implement an ERP system to replace their “homegrown” version.
  • Supply Chain Leader – PE firm evaluating the acquisition of a platform company in the metal fabrication industry needs due diligence assistance evaluating the target's supply chain process since numerous add-ons are anticipated.

 Our M&A professionals are former Corporate C-Suite Executives, VPs and Directors with broad and deep experience in M&A for a variety of industries. A number of them have also held senior positions with major consulting firms.

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