Study after study puts the M&A failure rate between 70% and 90%*
with inadequate Post Merger Integration (PMI) being a primary culprit.

*Harvard Business Review              

PMI Advisors, LLC Implements Our Project:100 Days™

Post Merger Integration Consulting Methodology to Improve the M&A Success Rates for

Mid-Market Company Sellers and Buyers

Merger Integration Assistance for the Critical First 100 Days



PMI Advisors, LLC (PMIA) will facilitate an onsite Executive Team Strategy Briefing (2-4 hours) with the acquirer's senior management team to "put the puzzle pieces together" for the integration project.  This high-energy session will define the who, what, when and where of the upcoming post merger integration project, making sure that all team members are on the same page. 

From this Strategy Briefing, PMIA will develop a 3-page high-level  

Integration Project "Flight Plan"

which is the first step in our proven Project:100 Days™ methodology. 

M&A Integration Playbooks

An M&A Integration Playbook is a project management tool that enables strategic corporate acquirers to systematically plan and deliver deals post-closing. Consider it to be a “toolbox” that contains relevant sections that can be selected to address the issues of a particular acquisition.


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Get Ready for Day 1

The old adage is true.... You really only get one shot at creating a first impression. PMIA works with your team to identify and manage the numerous tasks that need to be addressed across the organization that must be completed to be ready for the flurry of activity on Day 1.


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First 100 Days' Plan

Ideally the integration plans will be developed prior to deal closing, but from a practical matter, this process may not begin in earnest until after closing due to confidentiality or regulatory concerns. Joint "kick-off" workshops are held with functional department members of both organizations.


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Integration Coordination

The PMIA methodology helps develop clear lines of com-munication to coordinate team member involvement between both organizations.  Responsibilities and deadlines are clarified.  A continuing communications plan assures that the resources are properly utilized and schedules are maintained.

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