Project:100 Days™ Consulting Methodology

Merger Integration Rule #1:

Minimize Disruption to the Existing Businesses.

Fixed-Price or Flexible Support Arrangements are Available

Not all clients want or need full-time dedicated post merger integration services support even though merger directors must juggle strategy, organization, staffing, systems, and culture, on top of keeping the day-to-day business performing.

Our Project:100 Days™ methodology is based upon the proven project management approach of identification, assignment, and coordination. We offer flexible support services, where our professionals work with our clients on a part-time basis to plan and manage the program. This approach is useful for organizations that have smaller deals, less integration work to do or available in-house resources that just require some additional project management expertise.

Executive Strategy Briefing - 
An onsite Executive Team Briefing with the acquirer's senior management team to develop a 3-page Integration Project “Flight Plan" document.

Getting Ready for Day 1 Identify and manage the numerous tasks that must be completed to be ready for the flurry of activity on Day 1.

Planning for First 100 Days - Facilitate joint "kick-off" workshops with functional department members of both organizations to map out the action plans.

Integration Coordination - Using weekly coordination meetings, clarify responsibilities and deadlines.  A continuing communications plan assures that schedules are maintained.

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Using our Project:100 Days™  integration management methodology, our clients can drastically reduce the number of overlooked tasks and the resulting complications that could hinder success.

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