Post Merger Integration Services

Post Merger Integration Rule 1:

Minimize Disruption to the Existing Business, Especially During the First 100 Days.

Fixed-Price or Flexible Support Arrangements are Available

Not all clients want or need full-time dedicated post merger integration services support even though merger directors must juggle strategy, organization, staffing, systems, and culture, on top of keeping the day-to-day business performing.

Our Project:100 Days™ methodology is based upon the proven project management approach of identification, assignment, and coordination. We offer flexible support services, where our professionals work with our client's on a part-time basis to plan and manage the program. This approach is useful for organizations that have smaller deals, less integration work to do or available in-house resources that just require some additional project management expertise.

post merger integration services responsibility matrix


Integration Responsibility Matrix

A RACI chart is a matrix of all the activities or decision-making authorities undertaken in an organization set against the people or roles. At each intersection of activity and responsibility, it is possible to assign who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted or Informed for that activity or decision.




Technology for Project Coordination

post merger integration services team coordinationDuring the initial Planning Workshops, face-to-face individual and group meetings are necessary in order for the team members to become acquainted and "gel" as a team. However, with today's technology, further communication and coordination activity with team members may take a variety of forms, resulting in more efficient time utilization and considerably reduced travel expenses.

PMIA will help identify, plan, track and realize the deal synergies that prompted the pursuit of the acquisition in the first place. To assure that no critical merger tasks are overlooked, we will review each of the PMIA Integration Checklist 500™ tasks with the team members to develop a detailed action item plan. Of course, all of the items in this checklist may not be applicable, depending on if the transaction is a stock purchase, asset purchase, private company, public company, etc.


Using our PMIA Integration Checklist 500™ and post merger integration methodology, our clients can drastically reduce the number of overlooked tasks and the resulting complications that could hinder success.

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