Why PMI Advisors?

Over 70% of M&A Deals Fail, with Inadequate Integration Being a Primary Cause.
We help our clients quickly realize deal synergies for their acquisitions using our accelerated integration approach, allowing a swift return to "business as usual".

Unlike the large strategy or consulting firms, our professionals focus exclusively on delivering hands-on merger integration services.

The Executives' M&A Integration Problem

After spending months of time and effort, along with incurring significant deal advisory fees and other transaction related expenses to get the deal done, executive management:

  • Sometimes loses focus when the deal is signed and the celebration dinner is over.
  • Fails to take immediate steps to retain key personnel in both organizations.
  • Must deal with both the current business and the newly acquired operations.
  • Brings the post-deal integration work in-house during the critical first 100-day period.
  • Doesn't provide additional resources to address the "people issues" and "technology challenges".
  • Underestimates the skills, costs, and effort required to integrate two businesses.
  • Overloads their management, inexperienced in M&A, who have full-time, daily responsibilities
  • Doesn't consider the toll of time and energy on front-line managers.

Too often, senior executives tell their management teams to "Just integrate the two companies"... 

.                                                                                                                                                                                                  The managers then ask "What do we need to do first?"


 The Solution

Our Project:100 Days™ Integration Management Methodology

Not all clients want or need full-time dedicated merger integration services support, even though merger directors must juggle strategy, organization, staffing, systems, and culture, on top of keeping the day-to-day business performing.

We implement our Project:100 Days™  methodology which is based upon the proven project management approach of identification, assignment, and coordination. We offer flexible support services, where our professionals work with our clients on a part-time basis to plan and manage the program while providing organizational structure during this transitional period. When a client calls in PMI Advisors, the integration staff is supplemented with the tools, checklists, templates and resources that allow the team to get the integration project done without interrupting the everyday work of the company.

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Additional Resources on Demand

Today's companies are lean. There's no such thing as extra personnel just waiting to work on a merger integration project. Yet this "hot" project won't wait. Our professionals work with our client's team during the initial integration project phase in small, highly experienced groups and stay involved on a part-time basis for coordination meetings, steering committee meetings or work stream updates.  We build strong relationships with our clients and take the time to transfer our knowledge to improve our clients' corporate capabilities.

Human Resources and Information Technology typically represent the most problematic aspects of an integration project. In addition to implementing our Project:100 Days™ methodology, our professionals are able to assist before and after deal-closing with the significant complications associated with the "people issues" and “technology challenges” created by the transaction.

ROI - Pricing - Fixed Price or Flexible Support

Company executives often underestimate the management time, effort and energy required for the post-merger integration project, resulting in a significant toll on management capacity and a costly mistake. One may view our services as an "insurance policy", reducing the risks associated with M&A deals, with a value that far exceeds the cost of our services.  We work with clients on large deals, but we also know that not all clients warrant full-time dedicated onsite support. Therefore, we offer a variety of service levels.  For photo-executive-at-tableexample:

  • The Executive Team Strategy Briefing, offered at a reduced price of $2,500, provides the client with an Integration Project Flight Plan.
  • Our Project:100 Days™ consulting services fixed-fee pricing, starting at only $50,000, may vary depending upon deal size and integration complexity.
  • Flexible integration support services may be provided, where one or two of our professionals work with the client's integration team on a part-time basis before and after deal closing.
  • Development of M&A Integration Playbooks, on a fixed-fee basis, are essential for companies pursuing serial acquisitions.
  • Virtual coordination activity using conference calls, GoToMeetings, Skype, email and text with team members may take a variety of forms, resulting in more efficient time utilization and considerably reduced travel expenses.

The flexible approach may be useful for acquirers that may infrequently do deals or that have in-house resources that just require some additional integration project management expertise. The Executive Briefing also provides us with the necessary information to prepare a proposal for further assistance.

We will help identify, plan, track and realize the deal synergies that prompted the pursuit of the deal in the first place. If at any point our client feels that more support from us is needed, then we are here to help.



PMI Advisors, LLC (PMIA) will facilitate an onsite Executive Team Strategy Briefing (2-4 hours) with the acquirer's senior management team to "put the puzzle pieces together" for the integration project.  This high-energy session will define the who, what, when and where of the upcoming post merger integration project, making sure that all team members are on the same page. 

From this Strategy Briefing, PMIA will develop a 3-page high-level  

Integration Project "Flight Plan"

which is the first step in our proven Project:100 Days™ methodology. 

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